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How to Care for your Candle

Caring for your candle is so important if you want a clean and even burn, this will also make your candle last longer, here's how!

The first lighting of your candle is the most important. Be sure when doing this that you will be home for a few hours, depending on the size of the wooden wick, this could take less time. During the first burn you will notice the wax melting into a liuid like substance forming around the wick, this is known as the wax pool. The wax pool or melt pool should reach all edges of the glass vessel, before blowing out the first lighting. If you do this, you're candle will burn evenly all the way down and no tunneling should occur. Tunneling is when wax stays on the sides of the glass and causes a "tunnel" around the wick to form. This can cause the wick and flame to be overloaded and not stay lit very well bc wax is flooding it.

Another important step in caring for your candle is, ALWAYS trim your wick! Trim your wick before every new burn, you can do this with a wick trimmer or by simply breaking the burnt pieces off with your fingers, it's super easy and will make the burning process cleaner.

There are a few more steps and candle facts below, but always remember the safety side to burning candles, never leave a lit candle unattended, put candle in an area without a wind draft or around other objects, and avoid burning over 4-5 hours at a time.

Be safe and #letsgetlit

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